So, I’ve personally found purging to be very anxiety-reducing but this only developed a few years into purging (eerr, when I got good at it, unfortunately). So I have a question: For those who have been bingeing/purging for a while (I guess a few years?), do you find it anxiety-reducing? Do you feel (in some way) calmer, more relaxed, or less anxious after? (It is okay if you have mixed feelings, like frustration, shame, etc. I’m just wondering about the anxiety-reducing effects of the actual purging.)

Let me know! I’m really interested in this. I know it is not universal at all, but I’m wondering what people’s experiences have been.

Surely I’m not the only one who actually enjoys purging (not always, not uniformly, etc., but certainly to some extent). There have been many times where I’ve binged to purge (again, this only developed 2-3 years after I started bingeing/purging).

I’ve heard many people say they binge to purge because they enjoy

My feelings aren’t quite so clear, as I despise the binge/purge cycle, but there is clearly an anxiety/relief situation causing it. I just have to eat all that food, and while I’m at it I might as well eat more food, and then of course I have to purge at that point, and it will drive me crazy until I just go an get it over with.


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Nothing 9 - 19 jan. 2012  Bobbi Woods (USA), Samuel François (fr), Jean-Baptiste Bernadet (be), Francois Genot (fr), Nicolas Muller (sch), Marco Godinho (lux), Olivier Sévère (fr), Guillaume Greff (fr), Piotr Lakomy (pl), Gwenael Billaud (fr), Andreas Banderas (Norvège).

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Mariele Neudecker

My favorite artist.

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I wish people would stop spreading this LIE.

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The sad thing is: today this girl is addicted to heroin after being forced to “recover”. No words….

Did anyone in that documentary live happily ever after? 

The news from a few years ago was that Shelly considers herself recovered and is doing well, and Alisa also seemed to be doing well with recovery and health. Both suffered quite a bit before the uphill journey, though.
Shelly unfortunately passed away a couple years after the film’s release, thought to be a suicide. I haven’t heard where Brittany is now.

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Sometimes my muscles fail me but if I’m quiet and sincere
The butterflies that sleep inside my lampshade will appear
- Poems by Princess Alyssabeth

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My true goal in life.

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